Hotel waiter delivering room service, breakfast in foreground

What more can bring back peace to your mind other than travelling? Travelling is important for both the tourists and people, who assist you in your trip. While you relax and indulge in fun activities as the tourists, it becomes an opportunity for certain people to earn some extra bucks.

Do you believe in the concept of tipping? For most people, the concept of tipping depends on the quality of service they receive, while some tourists indulge in this generous activity out of respect.

Tipping etiquette is necessary as it shows how much you are thankful to the persons who helped you in the process of creating beautiful memories during vacation.
Have you ever tipped anyone on your trip? Remember to tip these people on your next trip:

1. The shuttle or cab driver: You can tip the driver for the comfortable ride to your destination and be open to offer more if the man offers you some assistance with your luggage. If they would not have dropped you safely at your destination then your vacation would have been ruined. Plus, your cab driver is usually the first one you talk to in a new place.

2. The Guide: Definitely, you pay your guide a heavy amount. But even after paying you can go forward to give a tip as he/she guided you throughout your whole journey in a way that nobody can.

3. The Valet: You leave your car in their care, while you enjoy your scrumptious meal or go for sightseeing. Do not forget to tip the valet for taking care of your car while you were away.

4. The Doorman: In the case of a special service meted out to you, you can tip the doorman for their thoughtful gesture.

5. Hotel concierge: They often help you in hotel reservations or movie/theatre tickets. You can show your gratitude by tipping them for their service.

6. The Bellman: Tour luggage is probably the most important belongings that you carry with you on your vacation. It is the responsibility of the bellman to ensure that your precious belonging reaches your designated room from the hotel lobby. Tip the man for his small must crucial service.

7. The Room service and Your Housekeeper: The bill at most hotels is often inclusive of gratuity charge. You do not need to tip your room service in such a case but if it is not included then consider their timely service and tip them with an open heart. Tip your housekeeper as they clean your mess at the end of the day and help you keep your room tidy.

8. The Restaurant server and Assister: Food is the best part of your whole travel experience and people who bring your food to you deserve special thanks! Tip your server generously if you think their service was exceptionally good. If you also consider the service of the assister who took you to your seats and checked if all your orders are perfectly delivered, you can also tip those hardworking human beings.

9. The Spa worker or masseur: Sometimes all you want to do at your vacation is relax! Most hotels and resorts provide their customers with spa and massage facilities. The spa workers and masseurs help you to relax. Remember to tip them on your next trip for their service.

10. The Server By the Pool: While you are sunbathing by the pool and enjoying your food or drinks, it is the server who allows you to rest while they get the work done for you. For serving you with yummy drinks, you can add some more to the income of the server by the pool just by giving a good tip.

Although it is not compulsory for you to tip these people, a gesture of tipping can aid these people with their livelihood.


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