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Wish to travel around whole world, but not enough money to do so? Travelling around the world is dream of everyone but it is way out of reach. It is simply not affordable owing to hotels charging minimum 100-200$ per night. You might have gone through low budget travelling options, renting out apartments for cost cutting while touring but still it goes away your budget.

People started riding on bikes and cars naming it to be road trips but the hotel bills and food expenses remain the same. To counter back the same, there is whole new trend started on Instagram, which let you explore the world freely with lesser cost and fuss. If this sounds interesting, then no, the interesting part is, the trend lets you explore and travel the world living in the Vans! Yes, you heard it right. #VanLife is the new trend going on around the world.

#VanLife is the new Travelling mantra

Yes, it may not be as comfy as your giant sized beds in Hotels and resorts but the tiny space allows you to travel endlessly with no big hole in your pocket. This trend has not only limit to solo travellers or couples, but also many of the families have been VanTravelling around the world. Millennial are leaving away their office work, home commitments along with the conventional lifestyle to live a Vagabond lifestyle. People along with their family, pets set to hit the road and roam around wherever they like to stay. It is not only cost effective but adventurous too.

In Fact, they take along with them foodstuff and stove to cook food and all the necessities which they would require. It is like a Tiny and compact space involving bed, table and even Corner stove space to make food. How cool that sounds! It heavily cuts down the cost. Also, it is very convenient as you can stop wherever you like, eat whatever you want and take a nap when you need it. It is all sounds very adventurous.

Many of the people are sharing their VanLife photos on Instagram and on other Social media platforms showcasing the new Lifestyle Trend in the Vans. This has encouraged various other people as well. Documentaries and stories are being made up on these on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

This surely is the new trendsetter for all travelling maniacs as it is cheap, comfy as well as it let you explore the world on your fingertips. So what are you waiting for? Travel and experience the Vanlife while travelling the world. This will surely help you to get a whole new experience.


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