Even though it might sound a little clichéd but Africa is one of the most beautifully adventurous travel destination for all of you out there who have a knack for travelling. Travelling in the hoodless cars without air-conditioners and the risk of getting lost in a dense rainforest or amidst the mighty Sahara desert, the beautiful pandemonium of Africa offers it all to the foreign travellers.

From skiing in the Moroccan highlands to catching a glimpse of our distant relatives, the gorillas; the continent has in store many unravelled wonders waiting to be explored. But there are several misconceptions about the continent; hence here are few tips that might actually help you to have a nice trip. Pack your bags and get ready to answer the call from Africa:

• Yes, you can go skiing in Africa:

The most popular misconception regarding Africa is that the continent is very hot throughout since it is very close to the equator. No, that is not entirely true! Well, most of the parts of the continent are very hot and humid but there are regions where temperature goes below -10 degree Celsius. Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya have glaciers and the temperature there falls greatly below the freezing point. You can enjoy the snow in these places. But if you are looking to go for skiing then you must visit the Atlas Mountains in Morocco or the Maloti mountains based in Lesotho or the Eastern Cape Highlands of South Africa.

• A homeland to deserts, mountains and dense forests:

Most of the people think of Africa as a land scorned by deadly deserts and savage jungles but no there is a lot more to the continent than that. The second largest continent of the world also boasts magnificent hilly regions with lush greeneries and pasture lands.

If you want to have adventures under the dense canopies of rainforests then you must visit the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. And if want to serenade the beauty of lush green mountains then the hilly countries of Senegal, Tanzania and Guinea must be included into your travel list. The cultivated greeneries of South Africa’s garden route are also equally scintillating.

• Do not pack too much:

If you are travelling in Africa then you should keep your luggage as less as possible. Always remember that you are not going to any fancy ceremony, you are going to get the taste of vast wilderness that calls for exploring. Moreover, clothes will get dirty easily if you are in Africa so it is better to pack the clothing that is easily washable like Safari tracks.

Most importantly, must always consider one thing, that most of the continent is still developing or underdeveloped so the people are still not so much liberal like the west so it is better to pack clothes that do not expose too much of your skin as it may hurt their religious beliefs. And it will also keep you safe from insects and mosquitoes.

• Do not forget mosquito repellent:

Africa is a continent where Malaria still exists at a large. So it is better to always carry mosquito repellent if you do not want to get stung by one of that malaria virus carrying mosquitoes.

• Carry Sunscreen:

These days skin cancer has become a very major problem so it is always better to wear sunscreen while going out. But in the African nations which are mostly backwards, the trend of using sunscreen has not popularised yet so the products are highly expensive. Thus, it is always better to carry one with yourself.
Africa is beautiful and can be dangerous too if you lack common sense. So travel around the continent safely and use your common sense to avoid any problems. Enjoy the wilderness and bring back a pack of adventurous tales to tell others.


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