Everybody likes the idea of travelling without spending too much money, but in reality is it really possible to travel on a budget? The answer is a big healthy yes!
If you are planning to travel to Italy this season, you can learn a few basic travelling tips from the Italians to master the art of travelling on a budget.
Where to stay?

The idea of bargaining for a decent hotel room is looked down upon by many people in different countries. Most people find the gesture absolutely rude but you can learn the art of smart bargaining from the Italians and land onto a comfortable accommodation facility. Ask for discounts and more benefits in your hotel bill.
You can also stay at cheaper guesthouses, rental rooms or apartments and save some euro for the rest of your trip. The idea of a homely atmosphere charms the Italians; you can also stay at any farmhouse, whose rooms can be rented for a small portion of the hotel prices. Tourists can either experience the beauty and simplicity of the countryside on a farm or go camping in the picturesque hills.

How to satiate your taste buds?

The Italians have fame for doing the best bargains; so it is hard to accept that they would not know where you can find quality food at cheap price. So, all you need to do is to follow their lead.

Eat a big breakfast at the hotel, whose price is most likely to be inclusive in the bill. Go easy on the lunch and enjoy some local croquettes with salt cod filling and save. You will find numerous affordable food joints that offer you with excellent food and wine choices that suit your budget. The night is mostly reserved for drinks with friends, where you can indulge yourself in delicious free snacks. Bottega di Pasticceria, Salotto 42, etc are places where you will be served small gourmets with your alcohol that will keep you set for the night.

Enjoy at the beaches and spa towns

Lazing under the sun on a beautiful beach is a picture of a perfect vacation! But renting the necessary beach gears in the peak season can alter your budget goals. Instead of lazing on a popular tourist beach, like the ones at Porto Cervo, you can head to one of those less known beaches that are mostly discounted or free. The beaches at the Maremma national park, La Maddalena archipelago, San Fruttuoso are not only cheap but less noisy and peaceful. You can enjoy a lot of fun filled activities on these free beaches and enjoy a scrumptious bite from the affordable beach restaurants.

Most Italians ditch the overpriced hotels and their crowded spa service to enjoy the experience of natural thermal baths. Take a cue from them and head to the places with popular natural hot spring hubs like the Bagno Vignoni, Bagni San Filippo and Rapolano Terme. You will find plenty of restorative pools to relax in and to enjoy a natural experience.


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