The cascade trail as the road to the Sahale Glaciers called boasts an amazing beauty and offers a taste of Alpine environment away from the hassles of Washington. It is a great day hike for everyone who wants to escape their busy schedule and want to be one with nature. The beautiful peaks, glaciers and vast wilderness take out all the stress and rejuvenate you with life force.

But if you want to enjoy the eloquent beauty of Sahale glacier then there are few things that you need to remember. Scroll down, memorise the tips, pack your bags and get going.

• If you are thinking of camping in the Sahale glacier for a night or more then you will require a permit from the North Cascades Rangers base at Marblemount in Washington. Limited people are allowed with a permit so you should apply as early as possible to secure one for yourself.

• To start your camping trip, first go to Marblemount then travel 23 miles to the east in your car to Cascade river until its end to get to the Cascade trail. From there put your backpack on your shoulders, get on your feet and answer the call of the wilderness.

• After hiking through the initial 3.7 miles, start following the signs indicating towards the Sahale arm. Once you have reached the top of the Sahale arm, follow the trail that goes upwards to reach the Sahale glacier at 7600 feet.

• Always carry camping gear, snowshoes as well as microspikes while camping at the Sahale glacier.

• Do not forget to take a headlamp on the camping trip.

• Pack your camera and photography gear along with other essentials because you will not dare to miss the opportunity to capture the eternal beauty of North Cascades in your camera.

• Fires are not allowed in these parts in the camps to prevent the ice from melting. So if you are thinking of camping in this area then do not lit fire to avoid legal troubles.

• The pets are not allowed in the Sahale glacier camps. Hence, do not even think of tagging your pup along with you for this one.

• Always carry ice axes since there are areas where the ice is very steep. So you will require one while hiking.

• The vegetation in this area is very fragile so set your camp on durable places like rocks or snow to avoid destroying the plants.

• Keep your eyes open to witness the beauty of the untamed wilderness. Look for the elegant deer and marmots on rocky slopes or the black bears in the meadows. But do not go to feed the wild animals as it may get dangerous; moreover, you will be breaking the laws.

• Keep your impact as low as possible on this special place to keep its beauty untouched.

Remember the tips and get ready to witness an amazing evening, night and a majestic sunrise at a beautiful camp in Sahale glacier facing the majestic North Cascades. You will seek ultimate peace in the lap of nature.


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