The majestic appearance of the Grand Canyon and the beautiful sceneries that it offers the tourists are truly mesmerising. The experience that you will get from the trip to Grand Canyon will always stay in the panorama of your mind and it will be a valuable treasure; something that you will cherish throughout your life. But most of the people commits rookie mistakes and make their trip to the canyon a grisly experience. But if you know exactly what you need to do then a short trip can be very much fulfilling.

Hence, here is everything that you can do in your trip to the Grand Canyon to make the trip worth reminiscing in the future:

• Entering the Canyon:

If you want to avoid the crowd and drive to the Grand Canyon National Park in peace while serenading the desert view then take the Highway 89 North to enter the park from its east entrance. Though it is a road less travelled but it has its own perks. From the scintillating desert views to the Grand view along the east rim, you will witness it all. And make sure to stop at the Cameron check post to taste their special Tacos which are truly mouth watering and ecstasy.

• Walk on the sky in Grand Canyons:

Who does not want to walk on the sky to get a better look at the bottom of the canyon? Well, everybody does and that is why the skywalk was built outside the main park to give the tourists a vantage point from where they can see the bottom clearly. Though the skywalk is a long drive from the main south and north rims but it is truly worth a visit. The semi-circular bridge protruding out over the canyon with transparent glass floors allow the tourists to look down and enjoy the view. So it must be included on your destination list.

• The beauty of the North Rim:

Though the north rim is infamous for being rugged and scarcity of facilities but it has an eloquent beauty that most of the people fail to understand. Though you may not get a plethora of facilities but the purity of nature and the rugged beauty of the North Rim will surely make you romanticise the atmosphere. You can also take a short trip along the Bright Angel Trail on a mule to enjoy the beauty of Grand Canyon on a different scale.

• Elegant South Rim:

The beauty of the Grand Canyon that you will witness in the south rim is completely breathtaking and out of the world. They are worth being stored in the panorama of your mind and camera for cherishing it in the future. But if you ought to enjoy the real beauty of the south rim then hike down a little below the rim to witness something that most of the people have never witnessed.

• Havasu Falls, unblemished beauty:

According to the most of the tourists, the Havasu falls is one of the most beautiful spots in the Grand Canyon trip. The unblemished beauty of the Havasu falls will mesmerise you with its eloquence and the surreal experience of the bluish water gushing down the canyon will stay with you forever till the last day of your life.
Be prepared to explore the majestic Grand Canyon. Stay safe and travel wisely; most importantly do not try to do what everyone does. Try something different, unravel the routes that have not been explored yet by the tourists; enjoy the wilderness and feel the eloquence of the canyon seeping right into you.


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