South Africa, the country that has witnessed the sacrifices and hardships made by the greats like Nelson Mandela have been always a place where people from outside had visited time after time to quench their thirst for adventure. Though there are several misconceptions among the foreigners regarding the country but to be honest Pretoria is one of the most beautiful destinations where you will be able to witness a breathtaking adventure and also get mesmerised by the serenading beauty of this land at the same time.

So what do you need to do in South Africa to have a fun-filled adventure? Follow the tips:

Put on your safari suits and go for an all-inclusive jungle safari:

Driving down the narrow trails, suddenly a lion stopped the car and hopped on over the trunk to get a closer look at the humans! Does it sound like the plot of a Spielberg movie? But it is the kind of heart-pounding adventure that awaits you in the South African jungle safari. To have this scintillating experience, stay in the Shamwari Game Reserve amidst the 39,000 acres of vast wilderness. The animals that are the main attraction of this reserved forest are a lion, rhino, elephant, leopard and wild buffalo. Get a glimpse of these untamed wild beasts in their own realm and take home with yourself a pack of adventurous tales to be told.

Jump from the highest commercial bridge in the world:

Bungee jumping is a favourite game for many adventurers and the Pretoria have taken bungee jumping to a whole new level. The Tsitsikamma national park is the destination that you need to set on your GPS if you want to gain an exhilarating experience. Dropping down 216 metres down to a valley; if that is not adventurous or daring enough then nothing can quench your thirst.

Tame your appetite at the Wineries in Cape Town:

Barbeque is the most famous food in the region and you will have the finest barbequed meat if you are visiting the wineries. From barbecued meats to ecstatic desserts, it will make your trip completely memorable. And your taste buds will remember this culinary adventure till the end of time.

Hike up the Table mountain:

When you are visiting Cape Town then hiking all the way up to the Table Mountain is something mandatory if you are a true adventurer. Hike your way up to the mountain and then come down serenading the magnum opus created by the Mother Nature. This ride promises to be an experience of a lifetime, so if you are visiting Cape Town then adventure of the Table Mountain awaits you.

Quench your thirst for adventure and fall in love with the enigmatic beauty of South Africa which will never wither from the panorama of your mind.


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